Weakened Friends


Thursday Oct 19th, 2017


Weakened Friends emerged from the rubble of a few withering projects, fueled by the desire to simply have fun with music again. And, holy shit, is it fun. The fuzz rock trio's short songs are catchy, moody, candid, and to-the-goddamn-point. On top of that, Weakened Friends is relentlessly energetic and unapologetically LOUD. It's very clear that Weakened Friends is having all of the fun they'd once craved and it casts an immediate and cathartic pull onto anyone within earshot.

"The band’s choruses are as big as their hearts and singing along seems less like an option and more of a primordial urge" -The Le Sigh

"Do you ever get into a band and like them so much you get mad at yourself for not knowing about them earlier? That is what’s happening to me here." - Music Savage