Taylor Holden And The Law Of Averages


Thursday Oct 19th, 2017

By definition, the law of averages is a layman’s term supposing that events with the same likelihood of occurrence will even out, given enough tries.

Fronted by London's own folk sweetheart, Taylor Holden, this new outfit pulls together Taylor's quirky love stories and infectious melodies, while giving the usually happy go lucky tunes a nice, sharp, edge. Combining ridiculous anecdotes of milkshakes, chicken fingers and losing your keys, they explore of the wonders and hopefulness of young love, held up by beats to pull you right off of your seat and onto the dancefloor. 

After sharing the stage with folk powerhouses like The Sadies, Fortunate Ones and Sean McCann, Taylor showed no signs of stopping with a sold out album release concert and CMW showcases. This new extension of the award winning singer/songwriter’s solo work is continuing on the upward spiral, as they take their new release “Eleanor” on an Eastern Canada tour this Summer followed by showcases at Summerfolk 42. 

Taylor Holden and the Law of Averages are Taylor Holden, Charlie Weber, Katherine Fischer, Mason VanGaalen and Alex Thoms