Tasha The Amazon


Saturday, Oct 21st, 2017

Toronto's Tasha the Amazon is an artist, producer, and bad gyal. Notorious for rude stage antics and warehouse parties shut down by police raids, her unconventional lyrics deal as much with partying and hood mischief as they do with anarchy and civil disobedience. 

After cutting her teeth in collabs and collectives, the German-Jamaican powerhouse released her debut solo project, FiDiYootDem, to critical acclaim in late 2013. 

Hundreds of thousands of video views and streams later, Tasha is preparing to release her forthcoming EP, Die Every Day, in the fall of 2016. 

Produced by herself and partner Danthrax (together, they form the production duo Bass & Bakery), Tasha's new music experiments unapologetically with the future of hip hop. Meet the new school.