How SocialLadder Works


What Is SocialLadder?

SocialLadder is an ambassador-run app that allows Halifax Pop Explosion to grow their reach and social network, while giving you the change to win a ton of great, free stuff.

Basically, you sign up and complete challenges, i.e., "share this post on Facebook," or "share this picture on Instagram," and you will earn points.

Challenges can be as simple as just getting your friends to join the app!

These points can be put towards great rewards like Halifax Pop Explosion merchandise, free tickets, and lots more.


Big Points

When you join SocialLadder, you get a personalized code to share with your friends and social media connections so they can get 20% off of a Halifax Pop Explosion wristband, which allows full access to the festival.


Every time someone uses this code to buy a wristband, you get 100 points.

Sell ten and you can get a free HPX wristband for yourself!

Check out the rewards tab in the app to see what other great perks you can access!