Oct 18
Oct 19
Oct 20
Oct 21
Forum MPC Presented by Live105
(19+) $40adv/$50door
Lixar presents
10pm Japandroids
9pm Cloud Nothings
8pm The Courtneys
7pm Julie & The Wrong Guys
Lixar presents
10pm Lee Fields & The Expressions
9pm Tanika Charles
8pm The Mattson2
7pm Kirsten Olivia
10pm Patrick Watson
9pm Rural Alberta Advantage
8pm Yukon Blonde
7pm Dance Movie
The Marquee Ballroom
(19+) $25adv/door
Exclaim! presents
11pm Metz
10pm Not You
9pm Beauts
8pm Crossed Wires
7pm Opening Ceremony
Women in Music Canada presents
12am Charlotte Day Wilson
11pm Lido Pimienta
10pm Ralph
9:15pm Vogue Dots
Mirus Records presents
12am Weaves
11pm Aquakultre & Big Budi Band
10am Kurt Inder
9pm LUKA
8pm Strongboy
12:45am Bambii
12am Tasha The Amazon
11:15pm Clairmont The Second
10:15pm Reeny Smith
9:30pm Quake & Kayo
9pm Elijah
Comedy Stage (The Marquee)
(19+) $25adv/door
7:30pm Kurt Braunohler
7:15pm Emma Willmann
7pm Mary Green
The Seahorse Tavern
(19+) $15/door
Paper Bag Records presents
12:30am Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
11:30pm Elliott BROOD
10:30pm Aron D’Alesio
9:30pm Lou Canon
1am Partner
12am Fake Palms
11:!5pm Designosaur
10:30pm Valerie
1am Bat Sabbath
12am OVAV
1am Not You
12am Jon Mckiel
11pm Rabies
10pm Thick Business
Launchpad presents
9:50pm Owen Meany’s Batting Stance
9:10pm Weakened Friends
8:30pm The Very Reverend
CIMA presents
10:30pm Beliefs
9:50pm Casper Skulls
9:10pm Devarrow
8:30pm Taylor Knox
The Carleton
(19+) $15/door
Riverfest Elora presents
12am Digging Roots
11pm The Boo Radley Project
10pm Lee Watson
12am Scott Helman
11pm Sorrey
10pm Pony Girl
12am Devarrow
11pm Tanika Charles
10pm Cedric Noel
London Music presents
9pm Texas King
8pm Taylor Holden
7pm Mountain Of Wolves
Breakout West presents
9pm Megan Nash
8pm Zoology
7pm Yes We Mystic
Breakout West presents
9pm Ellen Froese
8pm The Avulsions
7pm Slow Down Molasses
Gus’s Pub
(19+) $15/door
1am Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
12am WHOOP-Szo
11pm Geil
10pm Inland Island
1am The Courtneys
12am Frigs
11pm Motherhood
10pm Bad Pop
Dine Alone Records presents
1am Julie & The Wrong Guys
12am Dead Heavens
11pm New Swears
10pm Pony
Reflections Cabaret
(19+) $15/door
1am Loveland
12am Huset
11pm Anavae
10pm L.A. Foster
2:30am Beach Season
12:30am Ms. Banks
11:30am Thrillah & Jay Mayne
11pm Maje
10:30pm Malcolm London
10pm Devonteé
2:30am Dabin
1:45am Pineo
1am Dj Douvet
POP Montreal presents
12am Mozart’s Sister
11am ✘O ✘V ✘T
10am Silver Dapple
Art Bar +Projects
(19+) FREE
8pm Loveland
6pm Trails
8pm Husband & Knife
7pm Yoneda
6pm Fantasy Eye
Bus Stop Theatre
(all ages) FREE
Forward Music Presents
7:30pm Gianna Lauren
(all ages) FREE
6:15pm WHOOP-Szo
5:30pm Strongboy
6:00pm Beliefs
5:40pm Fake Palms
5:15pm Frigs
Halifax Central Library
(all ages) FREE
9pm Laurenn Marchand
8pm Advocates Of The Truth
7pm Digging Roots
Emerge Hfx Showcase & Raw Cypher with Kxng Wooz 7-10pm
The Khyber
(all ages wet/dry) FREE
Buzz Records presents
8:15pm Weaves
7:30pm Casper Skulls
6:45pm Pony
6pm Twist
Cup Noodle Sessions 6-9pm
Lion & Bright
(19+) FREE
6:15pm Milk & Bone
5:30pm Christian Sean
North Memorial Library
(all ages) FREE
9pm Maylee Todd 9pm Maylee Todd Local Showcase 7-10pm Halifax Quality Block Party 2-10pm
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The Pavilion
(all ages) $10/$8 for Under 19
9pm Partner
8pm Future Girls
7pm Look Vibrant
6pm Electric Spoonful
SECRET SHOW 5pm ****** ****
4pm **** * **********
3pm ******
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Rebecca Cohn
(all ages)
Symphony Nova Scotia presents
7pm Ria Mae with Symphony Nova Scotia