Last Day To Apply For The SYNC Music Video Program


Mirus Records and the Atlantic Filmmakers Co-Op (AFCOOP) have teamed up to bring you SYNC, a program designed to help emerging artists produce a high-quality, industry-ready music video.

SYNC is a music video production program for emerging musicians and filmmakers based in Nova Scotia which provides education, funding and showcasing opportunities to three teams.

Successful applicants will receive education and feedback, with unlimited access to AFCOOP’s Fall Workshop Series, and one day long intensive workshop taught by a music video producer.

Bands will also receive funding and film gear gear, namely:

  • $1000 cash towards production
  • $2000 in gear rental from AFCOOP
  • 7 day use of AFCOOP editing suite

Today is the last day to apply, so head on over to to apply, and check out some of the successful past applicants, including #HPX25 act Crossed Wires and HPX alumni Century Egg!

Sara Russell