5 Things You Need To Know About Lee Fields


Soul legend Lee Fields has been singing, screaming, entertaining, and touring relentlessly for over 43 years.

We're beyond excited to have his band, Lee Fields & The Expressions, playing at #HPX25 on Friday, October 20th at the Halifax Forum Multipurpose Centre. So excited, we've rounded up five really awesome things we think you should know about Lee Fields!

He Released His First Single in 1969

Called, "Bewildered," it was released on a 45rpm 7" record by Bedford Records, and had the track "Tell Her I Love Her."

Bewildered was written by songwriting team Leonard Whitcup and Teddy Powell, and was first recorded by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and later James Brown, while the b-side was written by the mysterious and un-Google-able J. Snooks and K. Anderson.


Early On He Got the Nickname, "Little J.B."

Shortly after moving to New York, Fields made a friend at a wedding who dragged him to a club after he admitted he'd come to New York to sing. He got up on stage and began belting out Southern blues and James Brown moves." An awe-stuckFields couldn't believe the audience's reaction, as they started throwing money at his feet. After that, he began hitting the club circuit, and eventually signed a record deal, but with his first single being a version of a James Brown song, the nickname "Little J.B." never quite went away.

He Was an Early Member of "Kool and the Gang" But Left Before They Made It Big

"They were just a local band in New York, and, at the time, I didn’t realize how really awesome that group was. Then there were some problems that were raised between me and another player. But anyway, long story short, I ventured out and when I saw them blowing up, I hated myself for a long time. I wished I would have just stuck it out. There was a lot of stuff happening back then that groups go through when they’re trying to get their footing, and I wish I would have stuck it out. I used to see them popping on TV, and I’d ask myself why didn’t I stay."

He Quit Music and Got Into the Real Estate Game in the '80s Before Getting Back Into Music in the '90s

"At the end of the ’70s, everything was different as far as music was concerned, and I thought maybe it’s not for me. I tried so hard to make things happen and music had changed. I decided to go into real estate, and I had a pretty good life in the ’80s, because I was there with my kids and my wife. I was off the road, and I was there when the boys really needed me."

He Got Together With The Expressions in 2008

A 16 year-old Leon Michels had toured with Fields in the '90s in his band Soul Providers, and after forming record label "Truth and Soul" in 2004, he called Fields and the two set on recording 2009's "My World," and Michels started The Expressions, which then became Fields' official band, finally giving him his lifelong dream of having his own backup band.



Lee Fields & The Expressions headline #HPX25 on Friday, October 20th at the Halifax Forum MPC



Sara Russell