AASK Montreal Has Provided a Great List of Femme, Non-Binary, and Trans Artists You Can Book!


AASK Montreal (Artists and Allies Seeking Knowledge/Know-how) is a not-for-profit initiative in Montreal that's volunteer-run and is focused on providing a safe space for people to learn skills and contribute to positive change within the music industry.

They've recently uploaded a phenomenal resource that's an ever-evolving list of femme, non-binary and trans* bands and DJs in the city, as a response to the ubiquity of male-dominated or entirely male shows in the city. It's a resource for booking agents, artists, and venues so that they can help contribute to building a more diverse, inclusive, and safer music community within the city.

"This is intended for anyone who cares about the physical, psychological, and interpersonal safety of participants in Montreal music and other artistic communities."

You can check out the list here:


They also have a slew of other amazing resources including sexual health support, peer support, resources for addiction, and links to advocacy groups around the city.

Sara Russell