Jess Preeper

Have Heart Creative


Jess Preeper is a recent graduate of the acclaimed Music Business Program in Halifax, NS, and founder of Calgary based Artist Services & Creative Communications business Have Heart Creative. Her undeniable devotion to advancing the careers of developing artists runs deep and is apparent in everything she does. Jess became involved in her local music scene after attending her first show at the age of 13. Although she was young, she was always finding ways to help local artists promote their shows and music, and volunteering at all ages venues and for local music festivals. Unsure of how to turn her passion for helping musicians into a career, she decided to pursue the Music Business program at NSCC, where she learned more about herself (and of course, the music industry) in one year than she ever thought possible. Developmental planning, artist branding, marketing initiatives, and helping artists create a deeper connection with their audience is her forte. She has worked with artists and music companies such as Inner Ocean Records, Dandelion Music Group, Sarah Ellen Morrison, The Drug Rugs, and Ray Reaves. Jess is confident in her abilities to effectively strategize sustainable, fruitful careers for musicians.