Saturday Oct 21st, 2017

The dj's fundamental concerns are dance and juxtaposition. How bodies move and meet, how songs might overlap, how cultures and histories collide - these are the things a dj should care about. In my work, I use the space that I take up - to prioritize those bodies, songs, cultures and histories that are less seen, more obscured, and in need of exposure. In EUTHANASIA, my focus is on the bodies of women acting within and without the male gaze, and the sounds of the global underground, decentralized, independent and free flowing (to some extent) through the virtual world that is the internet. Just as two songs might find a sonic or rhythmic harmony through mixing, so might images of bodies, individuals moving through space, expose a common thread, a shared freedom achieved, if only momentarily, through dance. This is agency with something at stake, maybe not life or death, but the fact of knowing or not knowing, feeling or being numb too, the proximity we share with those we call others. I hope you enjoy.