Sean Leon


 27 year-old Sean Leon is a recording artist, visual artist, producer, director and entrepreneur who has his sights set on not only pushing the envelope but completely stylizing it to his liking. 

Leon has four projects out to date: his debut mixtape ninelevenne, the tragedy (2013) narcissus, the drowning of ego (2014), I Think You've Gone Mad (2017) & Can't Come with Me This Time (2017). Textured with his experiences of love, fatherhood and loss all while navigating self, Leon is endlessly creating and is a gallery waiting to be seen, heard and experienced. 

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  • Sean Leon is the founder of IXXI: an initiative focused on delivering unique and creative experiences in music, visual and digital art, content and video. 
  • He has collaborated with HPX alums Harrison and Daniel Caesar. 
  • He's consistently described as a forward-thinking, ahead-of-his-time artist - "it's absurd that Sean Leon was left off of Pitchfork's list of "essential" post-Drake tracks, because half of the rappers in the city are currently imitating what he was doing last summer"