JayWood is Jeremy Haywood-Smith from Winnipeg MB

Current live band members include: Sara Provencher, Ben Stokes, and Tyler Wagar.

What started as bedroom "sad jangle pop songs" just singing about how sad or miserable I was, things slowly started to change as time went on (both style and direction wise) into the more "psych funk" sound that is shown today! JayWood carries a unique sound that has been entirely self-taught, and manages to combine indie-pop with jazz chords and a psychedelic feel. His music is heart-felt and therapeutic at its core, but hosts a feel-good dance party at live performances.

"Electronic groove has shone brightly on JayWood, illuminating the multi-faceted sound with lightning bolts of funk, psych-rock and pop. Comfortable within these jumbled spaces, JayWood’s rhythm is ever-changing, but always consistently emerging triumphant!" - BIG FUN