Anemone is a real live band, not just a solo bedroom studio project. This is music to be blasted from car speakers and at parties, a communal experience intended to be shared, the kind of emotional catharsis that can bring an entire room full of strangers together.

Inspired by 70’s psychedelic music & latin percussion as much as 90’s alternative dance music, synth-pop, krautrock and italo-disco, Anemone creates a unique hypnotic but striking pop with catchy hooks. While being a 5 piece live – With Zachary Irving on guitar & Samuel Gemme on Bass, the project is initially a collaboration between Chloé Soldevila, Miles Dupire-Gagnon and Gabriel Lambert.



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International musician, and vocalist; AppleCat was raised on the WestCoast of Canada, specializing in Deep Dubstep, Fairytale Bass, Trap, World, and IDM. 

Poetry and grace, with live mashup, reworking, blending cinematic sound, with dark bass - AppleCat's sets bend the perception of "genre" exemplifying her unique "je ne sais quoi.”

discover applecat

  • She's based in Victoria, BC
  • Specializes in Deep Dubstep, Fairytale Bass, Trap, World, & IDM.
  • She's performed internationally even playing at Burning Man!
  • Was the subject of a documentary about women in electronica called "Amplify Her."
  • Just got married!!




Working in a genre self-described as "aquavibe", 24 year-old Lance Sampson displays a preternatural gift for individuation and inspiration. Having spent time in and out of prison from ages 15 to 21, Sampson learned how to play guitar while incarcerated and used music as a means for spiritual focus. After a smattering of Soundcloud singles, including the effortless vibe-inducing "1 Spring Garden", Sampson dropped his first collection of songs in the form of an EP entitled "Water Temple", in late March. Touching on nu-blues, R&B, and spacious neo-soul, his distinctive, captivating persona is felt throughout the record. Critical acclaim for Sampson has recently materialized in him winning the 2018 CBC Music Searchlight Competition.


Astral Swans


Astral Swans is the main project of acclaimed Canadian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Swann. His newest release STRANGE PRISON is an experimental folk record combining pristine production with Swann’s abstract narratives of lonerism, human frailty, and dread, all told with darkly comedic empathy and helpless concern.




BLAKDENIM is a vanguard live hip-hop act that infuses hip-hop, funk, rock and soul with lyrical content that ranges from the serious to the absurd, the tone from sweet to heavy, all connected by head-nodding melodies. For fans of The Roots, Rage Against the machine or even Earth Wind and Fire, there will be something for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Bonnie Trash


Bonnie Trash is the dark art-punk outfit led by twin sisters Sarafina Troy and Emmalia Vash Bortolon-Vettor. Their debut EP, Ezzelini’s Dead, dives into the Italian folklore surrounding Ezzelino da Romano III, a medieval tyrant who ate his enemies and peasants. A menacing voice tells the a story of post-modern cannibalism, heightened by location sounds and bowed guitar. The lust to consume is at an all-time high. We must consume ourselves in order to transform.


Born Ruffians


Born Ruffians released their fifth studio album 'Uncle, Duke & The Chief' in February 2018. Produced by Richard Swift (The Shins, Foxygen, Nathaniel Rateliff), the album represents a new era for the band, re-inventing their signature indie rock sound and moving in an evermore authentic and confident direction.

discover born ruffians

  • Born Ruffians are based out of Midland, Ontario.
  • They've been together since 2004, thats 14 years!
  • Their latest album release sold-out five shows in a row at Lee’s Palace in Toronto.
  • They are all heavily inspired by The Strokes, The Pixies, David Bowie
  • They've toured all over the world, as far as Australia!


Cadence Weapon


Cadence Weapon is Edmonton-born, Toronto-based rapper and producer Rollie Pemberton. His groundbreaking albums Breaking Kayfabe and Hope In Dirt City were both shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. Pemberton served as Poet Laureate of Edmonton from 2009 to 2011. His new self-titled album explores themes of individuality, race and technology.

discover cadence weapon

  • Cadence Weapon was the Poet Laureate of Edmonton, Alberta for two years.
  • He's been nominated for the Polaris Prize three times!
  • In 2014, he released a book of poetry called "Magnet Days."
  • Father was a Hip Hop DJ which inspired him to become a musician.




Carinae is a six piece psychedelic rock band from Western Massachusetts. The sound is comprised of patchwork guitars keyboards synths three part harmonies all rooted in driving rhythms. If you didn’t catch them at Folly Fest, Flourish Festival or Quality Block Party you won’t want to miss them at HPX


Cartel Madras

Cartel Madras.jpg

Cartel Madras is radical hip hop disrupting an industry and destroying old narratives about identity, race, and sexuality with provocative new stories that slap harder. Contra and Eboshi are female rappers hailing from South India that have proven that they deserve their spot in Calgary’s evolving hip hop scene. In their summer 2018 mixtape, Project Goonda Part 1: Trapistan, their sound fuses the stylings of trap, the Dirty South, and house. With amped up performances and an irreplaceable energy, Cartel Madras put on an unforgettable show and throw a party that can’t be missed. Goonda Rap has arrived.


Chudi Harris


Chudi Harris is a young artist, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass) and producer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The 25-year-old takes responsibility for writing and producing his original material. He describes his style as Contemporary Blues, Alternative and R&B, taking notes from Childish Gambino, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Passion Pit and Patrick Stump. He photographs all of his album art.


Chunder Buffet


Since its inception, Chunder Buffet has created a goth infused, post punk slimefest. Exploring anxiety disorder, sexual assault, and dissatisfaction through minor chords and vocals that vary from shrill sarcasm to powerful screams Chunder celebrates the discomfort and exhilaration that comes from being alive.




Elizabeth Eden Harris, known as “CupcakKe”, is a rapper and songwriter born and raised in Chicago. Her first song “Gold Digger’’ went viral on internet in 2012. In 2015 she broke the internet with her sexually charged anthems “Vagina” and “Deepthroat’’ and in February 2016 she released her first album entitled “Cum Cake”. 

In June 2016, CupcakKe announced her second album entitled “S.T.D” which was considered one of the Best Rap Album of 2016 by Rolling Stone Magazine. The same month, The Fader Magazine commented about CupcakKe being one of the 21 rappers to feel excited about. 

discover cupcakke

  • CupcakKe is a 21 year old rapper from Chicago, IL.
  • She started out performing poetry in church until at 14 she switched to rap.
  • She went to elementary school with Lil Reese and Chief Keef
  • Her debut mixtape hit #23 in Rolling Stones "Best Rap Albums of 2016"


DJ MelBoogie


Hailing from Toronto, DJ MelBoogie is one of the country’s best-known female DJs. She has 25 years of experience in radio as host and mixshow DJ. Her ability to engage the crowds has landed her top DJ awards and regular DJ residencies with Guess, Roots, Victoria’s Secret, and Ralph Lauren.


DJ Shub


Considered to be the Godfather of PowWowStep, DJ-producer Shub continues to pioneer a growing genre of electronic music. Born Dan General, Shub began his career with nationally-acclaimed electronic music trio A Tribe Called Red, performing across North American stages with some of the biggest recording artists in today’s industry and winning a Juno Award in 2014. His EP "PowWowStep" was a nominee in the Indigenous Music category at the 2018 Juno Awards. In 2017, his music video for ‘Indomitable’ (featuring Northern Cree Singers) was also nominated for a Much Music Video Award. 


DJ Uncle Fester


15 year Vet of the Halifax Hip-Hop scene DJ Uncle Fester is always creating. A founding member of the Backburner crew, Fes has worked on many award winning albums and with artists from all across North America. Recording, Engineering, Producing, DJing, Beat Making and touring with The Extremities are all ways in which Fes has spread his sound across the map. With all this work already put in and no signs of slowing down, Fes is feeling a little thirsty…so let's get #sippy