Allen Richardson



Halifax Pop Explosion Music Conference
Oct 19-21
Halifax Central Library

Allen is a creative marketing/product development/licensing executive specializing in “toy”, “tech” and “art”.

An overpowering affinity for pop culture has been the driving force of Allen’s 20+ year career.

Allen started out producing videogames such as Contra and Castlevania for Konami. From there he went on to lead electronic innovation at Tiger Electronics. After Tiger Electronics’ acquisition by Hasbro, Allen spent 16 years launching, directing and marketing toys and games for brands including Star Wars, Furby, Indiana Jones, and many more.

Allen next joined the vinyl art collectible company, Kidrobot, leading their marketing, licensing and merchandising efforts and helping the company expand its primarily art-driven portfolio (Dunny, Munny, Labbit) to include limited collaborations with properties including The Andy Warhol Foundation, The Simpsons, Major Lazer, Gorillaz, Adventure Time and many more.

Allen then found himself at Sphero where he launched the company’s app-connected blockbuster “BB-8” Droid in conjunction with the premiere of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film.

Allen is now VP of Licensing and Merchandising at Popsockets. Popsockets are those small round discs on the back of mobile phones you’re starting to see everywhere. They expand and act as a grip, a stand and a place to wrap your headphone wires. But most importantly they tell a story. A story about you! A Popsocket is ultimately about personalization. You won’t go anywhere without one!