Halifax Pop Explosion is dedicated to listening to our community, audience and performers to actively improve the accessibility of our festival. We welcome and encourage all feedback and suggestions from our patrons.

We are a city based festival, operating in 15+ venues across the HRM with varying levels of accessibility. Halifax Pop Explosion has worked with the venues to provide information on the accessibility of each venue, accessible below or as a downloadable word document.

Halifax Pop Explosion will do it’s very best to provide accommodate those who require assistance to attend our festival. If you require assistance to attend Halifax Pop Explosion, please email Additional comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns can be addressed to that email.

Venue Accessibility

Please click here to view full details of each HPX venue's accessibility.

This includes information on each venues wheelchair accessibility, washroom accessibility for wheelchairs and all genders, number of doors, parking locations, and capacity.

A Word Doc version is available for download by clicking here.


A.S.K. stands for Accessibility Safety Krew. A.S.K. is Halifax Pop Explosion’s on-site support crew for accessibility needs and safety of patrons and artists.

A.S.K. Goals

-To provide patrons with accessibility needs the assistance they require so that they can enjoy Halifax Pop Explosion.

-To monitor and keep a watchful eye for potentially harmful behaviour at shows, and ensure the safety of patrons, volunteers, artists and everyone involved.   

Why: The accessibility and safety of our patrons and artists is very important to us. We believe everyone deserves a safe place to enjoy music and entertainment.

How: By creating a network of trained volunteers who are always available at every venue.

When: Halifax Pop Explosion is from October 18th to the 21st this year, with shows starting as early as 6:00PM and ending as late as 2:30AM. A.S.K shifts will start half an hour before shows, and up to half an hour after shows to ensure those with accessibility needs can leave the venue safely.

Who: Anyone can be a part of A.S.K. Halifax Pop Explosion is pairing up with Project Soundcheck and Avalon Sexual Assault Centre to supplying training to the A.S.K. We are however, looking for people with more background knowledge to lead these teams. Education and/or experience in these fields will be an asset to the team.

By volunteering with Halifax Pop Explosion, you’ll get a volunteer t-shirt, volunteer bucks, and an invite to our volunteer appreciation party on the Sunday, October 22nd.

Roles and Responsibilities:

A.S.K Leader

-To service those with mobility and accessibility needs.

-Monitor for safety risks that may affect experience of patrons and artists and communicate with FOH manager if any issues may arise.

-To have comprehensive knowledge of the venue and its inner workings.

-Strong knowledge of overall festival and shows happening at stationed venue.

-Be available to assist patrons at all times during a show.

-Attend Project Soundcheck training.


A.S.K Support:

-To be available to assist team leaders with all tasks and situations.

-Strong knowledge of overall festival and shows happening at stationed venue

-To be an extra source of monitoring for safety risks and assistance with accessibility tasks.


Please email if you are interested in volunteering for the A.S.K. team